Organic. Raw. Unpasteurised. Unadulterated.

Traditional Fermentation for Natural Potency and a Truer Taste.

Made on an organic farm using the centuries old Orleans Method, which means traditional fermentation in the time honoured way. It takes longer to make Wilder Fruits but it’s worth the wait for a naturally potent product.

Our apple cider vinegar tastes like the Dorset Cider Apples that it’s made from. People say that, compared to regular ACV, Wilder Fruits has a milder, but still tart-apple flavour. We say that this is what true apple cider vinegar tastes like.

We created Wilder Fruits because we Believe in the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

We also believe that natural products and production methods are best. Truth be told, some of the apple cider vinegars on the market are not as authentic or artisanal as the producers would have you believe.

Swimming against the tide of industrial products, we set out to produce an apple cider vinegar made specifically with health and wellness in mind. Our search led us to the Wilds of Dorset and the Wilder Fruits brand was born.

Health & Wellness

There are various studies supporting the health and wellness benefits attributed to Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar may help to lower blood sugar, aid weight loss, soothe acne, help digestion and even boost your immune system. However let’s be clear: Apple Cider Vinegar is not a medicine or a magic potion. Wilder Fruits Apple Cider Vinegar is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are intending to use ACV to help control blood sugar, (or you have any other medical conditions) please consult your doctor first.

A daily dose of ACV : The Potential Benefits

Blood Sugar. Drinking ACV before a (high-carbohydrate) meal can reduce the blood sugar spikes which usually occur as your body converts food into glucose, the body’s preferred source of energy.

Moderate Appetite. You might help yourself to eat less when drinking ACV every day, as the acetic acid (the ‘active’ ingredient in apple cider vinegar) is thought to moderate appetite. Despite all the fads peddled by the Diet Industry remember that there is no secret to weight-loss. Eat less, move more! ACV can help as part of a proper plan, but fundamentally losing weight isn’t about relying on pills and potions.

Probiotic Gut Health. A daily dose of ACV can positively support digestion. The acetic acid in ACV may help the body to digest proteins, while the assumed probiotic qualities of the enzymes and bacteria in apple cider vinegar (contained in the ‘mother’) may encourage the proliferation of friendly bacteria in your gut.

Bone Health. ACV is thought to have an alkalising effect on the body and can also help with calcium absorption, thus supporting other treatments associated with conditions like Osteoporosis. Again Apple cider vinegar is a natural product, not a medicine.